One day I was having lunch with Dwight, a tall, thin, mild-mannered former basketball player and coach who had spent the last 15 years building and growing a company he co-founded into one of the leading nurse staffing companies in the world. Dwight’s company, PPR, was named one of Inc. Magazines Fastest Growing Companies several times but on this day it was named one of the best companies to work for in the country and Dwight was sharing a few reasons why.

Dwight told me about The No Complaining Rule. He said he had read The Energy Bus (A life changing book – I will recommend for every Team Member) and realized that while energy vampires can sabotage your family, business and team so can subtle negativity in the form of complaining.

Dwight compared energy vampires to a kind of topical skin cancer. They don’t hide. They stand right in front of you and say, “Here I am.” As a result you can easily and quickly remove them. Far more dangerous is the kind of cancer that is subtle and inside your body. It grows hidden beneath the surface, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but either way if not caught, it eventually spreads to the point where it can and will destroy the body.

Complaining is this kind of cancer to an organization and Dwight had seen it ruin far too many. He was determined not to become another statistic and The No Complaining Rule was born. The rule is simple: You are not allowed to complain unless you also offer one or two possible solutions Dwight said, “We introduced the rule to everyone in the company and now share it during interviews with people who want to join our team. We let them know that if you are a complainer this isn’t the right place for you. If you want to focus on solving problems then we would love to have you and will surely listen to you.”

I knew Dwight’s idea was brilliant. Every team and organization not only needs to feed the positive but must also weed the negative and the No Complaining Rule is a simple, positive way to turn negative energy into positive solutions.

The goal of the No Complaining Rule is not to eliminate all complaining; just mindless, chronic complaining that doesn’t help anyone. And the bigger goal is to turn justified complaints into positive solutions. After all, every complaint represents an opportunity to turn something negative into a positive. We can utilize customer complaints to improve our service. Customer complains is the best gift any organization can receive. Our own complaints can serve as a signal letting us know what we don’t want so we can focus on what we do want. And we can use The No Complaining Rule to develop a positive culture at home and work.

Does it work? You bet. With one simple rule you prevent the spread of toxic negative energy and empower your team to improve, innovate and grow. Ever since learning about the rule and writing the book I’ve heard from hundreds of companies, schools and teams that have transformed their culture and team dynamic with it.

Posted by: JackRyan88 | August 12, 2014

The World is So Broken

These words can be so true… and then we see the Lord.

Posted by: JackRyan88 | May 15, 2014

I know God!

We have probably all said it, and may know someone who feels this way…. “I know there is a God!” I stopped and wondered why sometimes we think that is all we need. That’s like saying yeah, I know Harrison Ford. I know him from the movies, but I personally don’t know him. And that is the key… God wants us on a personal, dynamic relationship with him. And it’s through that relationship with him that we find God in his true presence, we grow and mature in him and through him, and that is how we are rewarded, is in that relationship we find salvation, freedom from our shame and sins. This is where God wants us, because he assures us that all who honestly seek him-who act in faith on the knowledge of God that they possess-will be rewarded. When we tell others the gospel, encourage them to be honest and diligent in their search for truth. Those who hear the gospel are responsible for what they have heard.

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and the he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6 NIV)

Posted by: JackRyan88 | April 10, 2014

The Advantage of Being Kind

There are times when I think to myself, “… am I being to kind?” “…am I being a push-over?” “…who is running over my toes now?” It just feels like sometimes being kind, can also be, being taken advantage of?

It’s difficult to overcome at times. It can make you angry, resentful, and disgusted. How do you overcome this? I think back to what Jesus said on the cross… “And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And they cast lots to divide his garments” (Luke 23:34 NIV).

God wants us to be an example to the world. And at times we may be taken advantage, but as Christian’s we need to overcome and show grace and love. Romans 12:20 (NIV) says, “To the contrary, if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Swamp them with grace and love, and they will be awaken by your actions.

There is the common theme… show grace and love in all we do. Lead by example.

Posted by: JackRyan88 | April 6, 2014

A conversation

There are so many things I want to do yet in life. I want to travel, see the world with my wife by my side. I want to write a book or two (already have the ideas in my head, just need to get it from there to paper). Make movies, and just be alive!

You ask what is stopping you? I say, “Motivation!” Yeah, pretty lame huh? Why??? Why do I lack motivation to be alive and just live? Because I have tried and it never comes out the way I expected it too. You lose motivation because you begin to believe you have failed. You failed at your plans.

I look back on life I see lots of failures. Failures that have brought me shame. Shame, which has rattled my soul, rattled my self down to nothing.

And then I saw the light, I saw Jesus Christ carry me in those times. And even though my burdens seemed heavy, he carried me. He lifted me from the doorstep of death and carried me. And when I could walk, he walked along side of me. During this walk we had a conversation, which went like this…

And I asked him, “I knew you were always there, but why didn’t I call to you?” And Jesus replied, “Evil had you blinded to see and believe there was nothing more than a man walking next to you. So when you could not walk, I carried you. And when you could not talk I talked for you. Talking and walking didn’t win your soul. In my death, I won your soul, all you have to do is put your faith in me, and I will deliver you to eternal life with my father.” Looking perplexed I wondered and asked, “Why for me?”

Jesus replied, “I have paid the ransom to death, so that those who have trust in me will live in eternal life. You can live now knowing the penalty of sin has been paid. I ask only that you live as a living sacrifice.” But Lord, “I am so not worthy of this, I have sinned, I have failed, I come so short of being a living sacrifice!”

Jesus replied, “No my brother you are a child of God, you are loved far beyond comprehension” I quickly replied, “Why love me? I am no one, I have nothing to offer. I have given so little and fallen so far, why love me?”

Jesus knelt down on bended knee, looked at the green grass that lay in front of us, and said… “Scott my brother, you are a child of God. His love is not based on performance, it is unconditional and undeserved. He loves you in spite of your disobedience, your weakness, your sin and your selfishness. Even in the midst of this Our Father has provided a way to abundant and eternal life.

I fell to the ground in front of Jesus and cried. How could I be a recipient of such love and grace? As Jesus said, it was undeserving, yet real. I could feel such love pour out of him in the words he said. I look up to Jesus and said, “I know I am a sinner, there is so much shame. How do I cast these chains of sin from me?”

Jesus stood and turned and looked into me as if he was reaching into my soul and said, “Believe in me, and I will create in you a clean heart, cleansed by my blood that was shed for you. For I do not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart. And I see you who were created in my father’s image. You are his son, and his love and grace is all around you. Accept it and be giving of it to all. You are to show the world his abundant love for all.”

We stood there for what seemed like hours, although no words were spoken, my soul listened to what Jesus was conveying. I could feel his love, warm and abundance surround and consume me. It was in those moments I realized I was much more in the eyes of God. I was his child.

Some days are difficult, I wonder and become skeptical, where is God. But I am always reminded of my conversation with Him. HE is always with me, and when I cannot see him, I know it is because he is carrying me high on his shoulders. Allowing me to see the world, and wake-up and know how simple life is meant to be. It is as adults that we have to make things so difficult, we create our own hardships; for we lose sight of what is important. Our focus is on the one who has truly given us life, eternal life.

The grace and love of Jesus Christ entered my soul, and has a woken it. I will fall many times in this journey, but I have the love and grace, and his strength to get back up, and be carried until I have the strength to carry through. For my strength comes from him alone.

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Lately I have been doing Yoga to build up strength in my neck and back muscles. I suffer from lower back pain and neck pain, mainly because I sit most of the day at my day job. Since starting Yoga I cannot believe how much better I feel. It’s doing it that is the hard part. I cannot quite say why it should be so hard to do something that is good for you. But as a sinner I am most comfortable within what is easiest and laziest.

When Christ found me, I was at the lowest point in my life that I could ever imagine. And when he found me I never wanted to look back on that dark period of my life. But some days I find myself slipping, falling back. Or what I like to refer to, my days of shame.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13 NIV)

I have found through trials, growth and maturity that I can do anything if I put Christ in the middle. If I do it through him I can achieve it. As a sinner the short rocky road of shame seems easier, yet the high road with Christ is safest, and along the way he will shelter me, grow in me, and I will become his faithful servant.

Dear Lord, give me strength to be faithful in my servant hood. Grow me to be the man you created me to be; a faithful servant, husband, father and brother. Let me lead by example in everything we do, for you are my compass, my direction and my Savior. Help me to focus on you, so that through you I can achieve all things. Thank you Lord, for giving me love and grace. I love you and I need you each and every day.

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WMI Queries for determing Make and Model

Here is some really useful WMI queries that can be used when imaging or deploying drivers to certain make and model computers.

Manufacturer is Dell:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Manufacturer LIKE “%Dell%”

Models from Dell:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE “%Latitude E7440%”
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE “%Optiplex 990%”
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE “%Precision M6800%”
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE “%Venue 11 Pro 7130%”

Manufacturer is Hewlett-Packard:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Manufacturer LIKE “%Hewlett-Packard%”
Models from Hewlett-Packard:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE “%HP EliteBook 8540p%”
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Model LIKE “%HP EliteBook 8560w%”

Manufacturer is Lenovo:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Manufacturer LIKE “%Lenovo%”
Models from Lenovo:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystemProduct WHERE Version LIKE “%ThinkPad T420%”
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystemProduct WHERE Version LIKE “%ThinkPad W520%”
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystemProduct WHERE Version LIKE “%ThinkPad Edge E330%”

Virtual Machines:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Manufacturer LIKE “%Microsoft Corporation%” AND Model LIKE “%Virtual Machine%”

SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE Manufacturer LIKE “%VMware%” AND Model LIKE “%VMware Virtual Platform%”

Determine 32 or 64-bit Operating System:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE SystemType LIKE “%x64-based PC%”
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem WHERE SystemType LIKE “%x86-based PC%”

Determine Operating System version:
SELECT * FROM WIN32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version LIKE “6.1%”
SELECT * FROM WIN32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version LIKE “6.3%”

WMI Useful command to determine product or model:

wmic baseboard get product
wmic csproduct get name


Most of this information came from site.  Thank Ron!

Posted by: JackRyan88 | March 28, 2014

Love one another

In my devotionals this mornings, this struck me well and rings true. We become so critical of others, even those we say we love, we so easily pointing out other peoples faults, when we only commit them as well.

When we are not motivated by love, we become critical of others. We stop looking for good in them and see only their faults. Soon the unity of believers is broken. Have you talked behind someone’s back? Have you focused on others’ shortcomings instead of their strengths? Remind yourself of Jesus’ command to love others as you love yourself. When you begin to feel critical of someone, make a list of that person’s positive qualities. If there are problems that need to be addressed, it is better to confront in love than to gossip.

14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” 15 If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other (Galatians 5:14-15).

Father, please give me patience, kindness, grace and love to show myself well towards others. Teach me to stop being critical, when I am just the same as they are; a sinner, your beloved child.


Posted by: JackRyan88 | March 24, 2014

Tedious Me

So again I ask, does God give you the Spirit and work miracles among you by the works of the law, or by you believing what you heard? (Galatians 3:5 NIV)

Some days lack excitement and other days are full of excitement.  I recall when my wife and I got baptized (around this time of year), for days we were full of life and saw the excitement of being a Christian.  As time went on, our Christian life seemed to get tedium, we longed for those exciting days.  This is where we as Christians are to remain persistent in the word and his glory.  To fill our days with his excitement and glory through his word.  To keep our lives living in in the light, and not become tedious in our relationship with Christ.  To remain persistent in our following of Christ.

So often I fall short of being persistent.  I become lazy and boring, and lack any motivation.  I believe we all have days and periods in our lives when we feel and work this way.  But living in Christ’s word has led me to become a stronger man, a stronger husband, and a stronger Christian.   Although I am never perfect I can see the changes; slow but surely and with Christ’s guidance I can over-come the tedious moments of life.

Posted by: JackRyan88 | March 22, 2014

When will Christ enter our lives?

Look!  I stand at the door and knock.  If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.  (Revelation 3:20)

Christ is waiting for us to wake-up and hear him and invite him in to our lives.  So that we may share in his love and grace.  I walked through life for forty years thinking I had a relationship with Christ.  Then I woke up, and invited him to fill my life with him.  Today, I struggle as a sinner, but I always know Christ is there.

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