Posted by: JackRyan88 | December 13, 2010

Celebrating Birthdays

After a blizzard and shoveling for hours I was able to sit down with my kids and family and celebrate their birthdays on Sunday.  It was nice having them together with family and celebrating life.  Isn’t that what birthdays are for?  It’s not really about how old you are, but celebrating the gift God gave us, life.  In less than a week I will be celebrating my Girlfriends birthday, celebrating her life and the gift God gave us, each other.

Having a December birthday can be very sucky.  My kids and Girlfriends birthday all fall before Christmas, but still it is shadowed by it.  Mine is worse, comes on the last day of the year.  Many people say, “oh how wonderful to be born on New Year’s Eve, you celebrate your birthday with the world.”  No, actually you don’t.  Besides being a tax deduction on that fateful day, there is nothing spectacular about it.  No one is in the mood to celebrate another birthday; they just want to get through New Year’s so they can relax.  The only thing I can rejoice in is celebrating my birthday near the day our Savior came into this world.

This leads me to a song I heard the other day on the radio, which really got me to think.  We teach our kids to look towards Santa and we go to stores and line-up to see him.  And we celebrate the gifts Santa brings.  But why the heck are we not lining up to see Jesus?  We as Christians should be lining to celebrate the biggest miracle in our lives, the birth of our Savior.  Check out the song / video: .  Isn’t this the whole reason why we celebrate Christmas?  Celebrating the birth of the Christ Lord Jesus, celebrating the miracle God put into our life.  In essence it’s the life God gave us, free of our sins, all through his son Jesus Christ our Lord.


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