Posted by: JackRyan88 | July 5, 2012

Life’s a Pain

This morning I was listening to the radio and I heard a story that brought that lump into my throat. This Friday is the drive-thru difference day. A day once a month where one should acknowledge and make a difference in a complete strangers life. The radio station played a story where someone touched another person’s life through a simple gesture of paying for a dinner at the neighborhood drive thru. The story goes like so….

A women stopped at the Culver’s Drive Thru and looked in her rear view mirror and saw an senior couple who seem to be having a poor day.  She could sense it in the expressions in their eyes and face.  She told the person in the window that she would like to pay for the car behind her.  A $6.00 meal turned into the a moment that touched and healed that senior couple.  She pulled ahead to wait for her meal, and about a minute later she heard a tap on her window.  She rolled down the window and the senior gentleman behind her asked her, “…did you pay for our meal?”  she answered, “Yes, I just wanted to bless your day with a simple gesture.”, the man thanked her and explained to her how thoughtful and healing this gesture was.  They just came from the clinic where his wife was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer.  The man spoke with tears, and in the rear view mirror, the senior gentleman’s wife cried too.

A day of pain for this senior couple, and a shiny moment brought tears and smiles to this couple.  Such a simple gesture went so far and brought a moment of healing.  Life is full of pain, we should love each other and have grace for one another, to help endure the pain and gain strength in it.

Later this morning I was looking at my Facebook page, and saw a post from Gateway Church in Austin, TX.  This weeks message was based on pain, the pain of life.

Life’s pain is hidden in all of us.  We try to hide it and put up a front that makes us look so good.  God see’s through our pain and brought Christ Jesus into our lives so that we can lift that pain and have him bare it for us.  See the Chick-A-Flick commercial about hidden pain and how simple gestures to make a difference in our days and a complete strangers.


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