Posted by: JackRyan88 | August 8, 2013

The vision

Starting the morning today was one stumbling block after another.  And lately I feel the past few days I have been in such deep thought that it has distracted me from my daily life.  Thus the effect for today’s bad start.

My thoughts have been on a dream or vision I had about a year ago.  Let me explain the vision and what I believe it reflected then and where I am now.

The Vision

Three identical forms visited me in my sleep.  They first appeared in a line, one rising higher than the other.  All with the same form, almost like a druid appearance, but a definitive form that was identical in all.  The faces of all three was empty or endless, like a face wasn’t necessary.  The calmness they bestowed on me, was nothing I have ever experienced before.  This didn’t seem like a dream.  The three forms, then appeared next to me in bed, no words spoken, just thoughts, and the calming feeling was throughout my body.  I knew my wife was beside me, and I was very aware of what was around me, where I was.

Like I explained no words were spoken, just thoughts.  The form closest to me conveyed all the thoughts and acted as the bridge to the others.  As if their thoughts were all being conveyed through the one closest to me.  The middle form was the conduct for the furthest form and the form closest to me.  It was the most transparent but it bound them together.

The form closest to me conveyed that I have three mission to complete in this life before I can pass.  (I am not sure what “pass” totally means, but I felt it meant to pass to my next life.)  The missions all relate to each other, and of the three, the third being the most important and difficult, but would bind the three to be one and therefore complete.  There were no timelines to the missions, but a sense that the first two had already been started, and third was coming.

Mission 1:  Family

Mission one was conveyed as bringing my wife and children to Christ.  Introduce the Gospel, and allow them to grow in the beauty of the Gospel.  I was to lead them to this, which was felt very clearly.  Additionally, I was to continue my growth in Gospel to bring up in my extended family to the Gospel.  It was conveyed as what was once there is no more, but needed to be re-created.

Mission 2:  Forgiveness

Mission two was forgiveness.  This mission was conveyed as a circle.  To ask for forgiveness and to forgive.  I recalled figures being shown before me of the guilt that I have carried for years, and to ask only for forgiveness from the guilt I had carried.  This guilt I felt was of things I have done in the past to family or friends and this appeared fairly clear.  That not only asking Christ for forgiveness was not enough for me.  It was felt that if I wanted to quiet myself, I needed to ask people for forgiveness, even though the forms didn’t feel this was necessary.

Mission 3:  Diversion

Of the three Missions this appeared as the most important but the vaguest.  It was conveyed as something which I knew and understand was clearly where my soul was as young boy, and where my soul was destined for.  It was as if, what I was destined for was diverted but not by anyone but myself.  As if I made the diversion, and now I needed to correct it.

The in between

Immediately after this vision I tried to make some sense of it.  I felt I was visited by a spirit or angels, like a guardian angel.  Something that wanted to help direct me and where my life needed to proceed so that I could move pass this life.

I processed the first two missions and have been working on those.  Those seem very clear, but the third mission has been “eating away at me”.  At first I took it as continuing my faith journey, growing and enriching myself for the Glory of God.

Recently, I have thought about this much deeper, and now truly believe God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ were those forms.  Lined up with God being the further, and Jesus Christ being the closest to me.  Yet, like I described, the three were separate, yet one.  And in thinking about this closer, I dwell on that third mission and comparisons I draw from the three, and the three missions.

The third mission being the most important of the three, and the third mission ties the three together to be one.  I wonder was this really meant for me and a path, or was it a demonstration of three in one?


Then while on a fishing in Ontario, Canada I had another vision or dream.  This one seemed more of a battle or defense in the word of God against evil.  But I remember stating many passages and messages Jesus Christ said or relayed to us in Bible.  It was in defense to accusations to the validity of the Gospel.  That truly Jesus Christ is our Savior, who wiped away the sins of the world, for all who believe in him.  Me the sinful person I am, can be forgiven and loved, just for believing.  Evil would put thoughts out to this validity and I repulsed with clear scripture to the validly of the Gospel.  I remember waking and thinking what just happened, and how easy it was for me to rattle of scripture, yet how difficult it is to do it in reality.  Throughout this, no words were spoken, no figures seen, just presences, and the obvious love and support presence of Jesus Christ.

Over the past couple weeks I keep coming back to and reflecting upon these visions or dreams.  What does this mean?  Where is God leading me?


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