Posted by: JackRyan88 | November 19, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Relay Center Adventure: Day 1

2013-11-18 07.52.51 2013-11-18 07.57.03 2013-11-18 11.48.17 2013-11-18 11.48.25 2013-11-18 11.49.11So today was so awesome.  I think I was up half the night worrying about things, but now that’s water under the bridge.  First, around 10 PM last night I got an email (I was sleeping) about a truck and trailer.  Praise God!  Yep, I have a truck and trailer to bring all those boxes to Hudson.  Finally, I was SOOOO worried about that.

This morning around 7:30 I put up signs, and started setting up before 11 AM.  Yes, I was there 3 and half hours early, excited…  By 9 AM I was all ready, ran home for a quick minute.  And came back and three boxes were left next to the door.  I logged them in, and I couldn’t wait for all the shoe box donors to beat down those doors now.  At exactly 11 AM we had our first family come in, mother and her two daughters brought in four boxes.  We prayed over them, gave the kids a treat and booklet and sent them on their way.  This is so awesome!!!  Not only are we reaching out to the community and opening the eyes and hearts of kids and families, but we also will impact kids throughout the world.

Around 4 PM we had a church drop off 27 shoe boxes, I missed out on the fun, as I was answering emails for work, and putting the finishing touches on our last volunteers for the week.  We logged 34 boxes for the day.  So if that number doubles each day, that could be a lot of shoe boxes, a lot of Gospel Opportunities.  That trailer could be really full.

From 5 PM to 6 PM, I had my final training slot (I also trained on Sat from 10 to 11).  And that was so much fun.  They all were so anxious and excited for the week.  And, if you cannot tell I am a little excited for the week too!


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