Posted by: JackRyan88 | November 20, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Relay Center Adventure: Day 2

It was my first day away from the Relay Center, I felt like I was sending my kids off to school, as I had to spend sometime in the Office.  Luckily one of my volunteers (Monica) has been stepping with me through this whole process and assisting where possible.  She stepped up today (Tuesday) and kept the momentum going.  We also had her daughter and an older couple (The Frost’s) who were so sweet and dear volunteering in the Relay Center today.

Around noon I text-ed Monica for an update.  A women drove in from Amery bringing with her two shoe boxes, and one church dropping off 27 boxes.  Around 3 PM I showed up at the relay center and they received a few more drop offs.  15 minutes after I arrived, we had a drop off of 56 shoe-boxes.  We were so excited carrying in those boxes and packing them away.  I was so excited to pray for them, and thank God for his miracles.  While we waited Monica read from the new book by Franklin Graham about Operation Christmas Child and the last 20 years.  To see my volunteer faces was priceless.  How they love serving the Lord, and making a difference in the world.  I wish I could have taken a snapshot of their faces.

The total for the day was 107 shoe-boxes.  We doubled, almost tripled from the day before.  I love the momentum, dedication, hope and love we are sharing.  God is working in New Richmond, and working in me.

More tomorrow….


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