Posted by: JackRyan88 | November 21, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Relay Center Adventures: Day 3

Day 3 at the Relay Center and it was a slow day.  I was fairly disappointed when I saw the numbers when I arrived at the Relay Center around 3 PM.  A total of 26 boxes.  Later that evening during Chaos (Youth Group), the kids packed another 26 shoe boxes.  Driving home I reflected on why I was disappointed.  Maybe it was because I had such high hopes, or maybe God is showing me another teaching moment.  To be thankful for the what God has given.  We should always be thankful for what has been provided by our father.  I reflect on Acts 20:35 “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”  That not matter what we give or do, it’s done in the right pretense, the right cause for the glory of our Savior and Father Jesus Christ.

That set the tone for my next thoughts.  Operation Christmas Child and the packing of shoe-boxes has many reaches.  For one it reaches a child in need, a child will receive not only gifts, but also the gift of the Gospel and the hope and love of Jesus Christ.  Second, (and sometimes I think this is under-looked) it the packing of a gift.  The love and thought that goes into that gift, and then giving of that gift.  As Acts 20:35 states, “…it is more blessed to give than to receive.”  There are more rewards for giving, and giving of something that is given freely, without hesitation, and with love, hope and thought put into it.  I saw that last night as about six or seven 6th grade girls came forward during Chaos (Youth Group) and brought their shoe-boxes forward to be received.  The smiles are their faces and the pride they had in doing something which was reaching out to another child, and a child in need. 

I believe Operation Christmas Child steps beyond just giving of a shoe-box, but allows one to give freely.  To often Christmas is wrapped around not the needs, but the desires of our children.  The “I want…”, versus the “I am in need…”  Packing a shoe-box allows us to demonstrate to our children and ourselves the value of giving, and the freedom it provides when given freely and in the name of Jesus Christ.


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