Posted by: JackRyan88 | November 22, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Relay Center Adventure: Day 4

Day four, twelve boxes today.  But it was a wonderful day to see how Operation Christmas Child is moving people.  I was told of a story about a couple who were very skeptical about Operation Christmas Child.  But something moved them, and moved them to here Ted’s Story one Saturday evening in Hudson, Wisconsin.  They were so moved by his story, and the mission of Operation Christmas Child that they have volunteered to help at the Relay Center and provided the truck and trailer for moving all the boxes.  The most moving part is to hear that they deciedded instead of giving christmas gifts to each other this year, they are giving shoeboxes to the mission.  God is moving…

Finally, it was nice spending the final hours of the Relay Center with my wife.  Talking about what we are doing, how God has moved us to where we are today, and what the God is leading us too.  I love and cherish those moments with her.  When we can just talk and listen, and block out the routine of life.

I’ve taken these past days to pray, reflect on the wonderful mission we play in, and to see the glory of God on all those who volunteer, provide and keep this mission going.  God is moving…


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