Posted by: JackRyan88 | November 24, 2013

Operation Christmas Child Relay Center Adventure: Day 7

2013-11-23 23.50.04 2013-11-23 23.49.13 2013-11-23 23.34.58 2013-11-23 23.35.46 2013-11-23 23.48.32WOW!!!  What can I say…  I am left speechless.   Today at Faith Community we brought in and prayed for the shoe boxes from the church as a whole.  We had the children bring the shoe boxes into the worship center and stack them in front on the stage.  Some of them carrying multiple shoe boxes or going back to get more and bring them forward.  I was blown away!  I was near tears of joy to see what just happened.  I led the church in prayer and saw God’s love envelope those shoe boxes.  All I can say is I was blown away.

In between services I was a bit worried we would not have enough shoe boxes for each child to bring in.  In fact I brought twenty out and placed them on the table, just so every child would have an opportunity to bring a shoe box forward.  Again, I should have trusted in God and let him do his work.  Because 5 minutes before service started, a flood of shoe boxes flowed in.  Again, I was speechless, again I was blown away.  Again I was near tears.

We surpassed last years amount by almost 100 shoe boxes, over 354 shoe boxes just from Faith Community.  Just amazed of what we can do as a community and the work, love and grace of Jesus Christ.  He is working and moving things in so many ways.  We just have to stop and look.

Total for the relay center that day was 420 shoe boxes.  There was an overflowing amount of volunteers helping to count shoe boxes, and put them into cartons.  Kids helped to move the shoe boxes from the Worship Center to the Relay Center.  It was fun to see them work and work with smiles.


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