Posted by: JackRyan88 | April 2, 2014


Lately I have been doing Yoga to build up strength in my neck and back muscles. I suffer from lower back pain and neck pain, mainly because I sit most of the day at my day job. Since starting Yoga I cannot believe how much better I feel. It’s doing it that is the hard part. I cannot quite say why it should be so hard to do something that is good for you. But as a sinner I am most comfortable within what is easiest and laziest.

When Christ found me, I was at the lowest point in my life that I could ever imagine. And when he found me I never wanted to look back on that dark period of my life. But some days I find myself slipping, falling back. Or what I like to refer to, my days of shame.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13 NIV)

I have found through trials, growth and maturity that I can do anything if I put Christ in the middle. If I do it through him I can achieve it. As a sinner the short rocky road of shame seems easier, yet the high road with Christ is safest, and along the way he will shelter me, grow in me, and I will become his faithful servant.

Dear Lord, give me strength to be faithful in my servant hood. Grow me to be the man you created me to be; a faithful servant, husband, father and brother. Let me lead by example in everything we do, for you are my compass, my direction and my Savior. Help me to focus on you, so that through you I can achieve all things. Thank you Lord, for giving me love and grace. I love you and I need you each and every day.


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